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There are days I wish I was back in Elementary school. Life was so much easier back then. There were really only two options if you told a boy you liked him ; he either thought you were icky and then became mean to you or he “like liked” you back and you guys would “totally be together forever”, when really it would only be until next week when you found someone more interesting. Instead of nights filled with getting wasted and high, we used to spend our nights playing with dolls or talking on the phone for hours. The people that we promised that we would always be “Best Friends Forever” with, you know, the ones who had the other half of those Best Friend necklaces, are strangers to us now, and all we have left are those silly plastic necklaces. Back then we had dreams and goals and suddenly, we went from wanting to please our parents, to wanting to look good for the boys, and hoping they would ask us out on Friday nights. It all changed so fast, it almost makes your head spin trying to think back in time. What happened to those happy little kids, and what the fuck did we become?

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